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H.E. “Scott” Wolfe

H. E. "Scott" Wolfe has served as a director since June 2014. Previously, Mr. Wolfe served as our Chief Executive Officer from December 2012 through December 2014. Mr. Wolfe also served as President and Treasurer of LINC Logistics Company, or LINC, and its chief executive officer, since its formation in March 2002, and was a director since July 2007. Mr. Wolfe led the development of Logistics Insight Corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary, and has been President and Treasurer of this subsidiary since its formation in 1992. Before 1992, Mr. Wolfe was responsible for pricing and marketing at Central Transport International, Inc. Earlier in his career, he was manager of inbound transportation at American Motors Corporation, where he established that company's first corporate programs for logistics and transportation management. For 15 years, Mr. Wolfe was employed at General Motors, where he held various plant, divisional and corporate responsibilities. Mr. Wolfe has taught college courses in logistics and transportation management. He brings to the company significant expertise with the asset-light business model and extensive personal leadership skills.